Faithful Defender

One of my favorite dogs of all time! This boy has exactly what I wanted to add to my kennel when we brought him home. German royalty in his veins, outstanding overall structure, amazing intelligence, eagerness to please, and drive! Did I say drive? Oh man, it’s all there. But, with stability like you just don’t see every day. He can be turned on in full blown protection work, slamming a decoy one minute, and laying in my lap quietly the next. Yeti has excelled at everything I’ve thrown at him.


Advanced obedience, scent detection, tracking, and real deal protection. He is NOT a sport dog. He is trained to be a protector for my family.  He has amazingly strong bite strength and the courage to go with it. Yeti is also one of my demo dogs when we do seminars and classes. Yeti’s pedigree includes some of the top rottweilers from Germany. His progeny will be wonderful additions to any family, working dog home, or kennel. 

  After a lot of careful consideration, we have decided to offer Yeti for sale to the right home. If you are looking to build your kennel, or, if you are  in need of an executive protection dog, this is your guy. I will be selective on where Yeti goes. He is for sale under private treaty and I reserve the right to refuse any home for any reason at my sole discretion. The price of this boy reflects his bloodlines, training, and potential. He will also only go to a home with me coming to you (included in the price) to deliver him and to train you on handling him and ongoing training.


Contact me directly for more information at 229-589-0358. 




Picture Perfect Puppy

Daisy is an approximately 1 year old German Shepherd mix. A super soft look with an awesome personality makes Daisy a very non offensive working dog. If you or your Department are looking for a single purpose, scent detection dog who can also be an ambassador in your community, you have just fond her!


Daisy is a rescued dog I took in literally at the door of the shelter. I knew immediately she could be a working dog and deserved the chance to prove it. Daisy has been thru basic obedience training and odor detection training. I have kept her on a neutral odor until she is purchased, at which time, I will teach her whatever odor(s) she needs to know. She has already been to how to search and indicate on odor, so, adding more odors will take about 2 weeks and will be included in her price. Daisy is for sale for only $6000. 


Contact us today for more information on Daisy at 229-589-0358.