Working Dogs

We love our working dogs. It’s been a long time passion of ours. There’s just something about bringing out and honing the natural abilities of a dog. I’ve been hands on with tracking dogs off and on since 1993 when I was a young Corrections Officer holding the dumb end of the leash attached to a bloodhound named “Frenchy”. One track and I was hooked. Since that time, I have certified SAR dogs in tracking and trailing and odor detection and have been a part  of multiple dog teams including the Georgia Body Recovery Team, which fell under the GBI. I’m still an active K-9 handler/trainer with our local SAR team, where I was also Deputy Chief until recently. 


also own, work, and breed Rottweilers, and have since 1992. So, naturally working dog training is in our DNA. So, whether you require a tracking dog, scent detection dog, or a dog with a forced retrieve, we can help. We are glad to train your dog to the best of his abilities, or to provide you with a dog who would excel in competition or real world applications like Law Enforcement, Search and Rescue, Bomb detection, and Fire Investigations. We will also teach you to handle and help you maintain your dog to our very high standards. 

Again, with this specialized training, we are happy to help you select the right breed and the right puppy for your specific needs. A lot of dogs may be able to do it, but, can they do it well? This is where my expertise plays a major role in helping you to not waste time nor money.  


Service dog training


Real Life K9 is named such because we believe in helping customer’s with the need to have their dog work with them in “Real Life”. Thru intense and specialized training we can teach a dog to assist it’s owner with medically based needs. Not every dog can do this. It takes a special dog to be able to handle the training and stresses of performing as a service dog. After an interview, we will help pair you with a dog suited for your needs. Yes, sometimes, it may be possible to use your dog. However, most often, it simply will not work. There’s also the time factor to consider. We want you to get the most longevity of use of the dog for the investment, so typically, we will start with a very young dog, shaping him during the puppy stages to becoming a steady helper. Contact us to discuss your specific needs and we will start working to help you immediately.  

Protection training


Protection training of a dog requires a higher level of understanding of a dog’s drives, capabilities, and limitations. For this reason, you must be sure you are using the right dog, the right trainer, and you are ready and understand the commitment you are making. We’ll walk you thru the process even so far back as helping you pick the puppy. We’ll interview you at length to help you understand your needs for the dog and what and how long it will take to get there. Make no mistake, this is a marathon, not a sprint. There are no short cuts and training has to be done at appropriate ages. We build the dog and the relationship, one solid block at a time. For these reasons, protection dog training is a case by case basis. We reserve the right to refuse any customer and prices will depend on variables we will discuss one on one. 


   From time to time we also have fully trained protection dogs available for purchase. Again, the prices of these dogs fluctuate depending on capabilities and changes needed. Dogs are sold by private contract and we reserve the right to refuse any customer. 

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